What is the square root of 84

The short answer is \( \sqrt{ 84 } = 9.1651513899117 \).

If that's all you're looking for, thanks for coming by. But if you're interested in the hows and whys behind square roots, continue reading and we'll tell you all about the square root of 84.

84 is not a perfect square

Let's look at some math

$$ \LARGE \sqrt{ 84 } = 9.1651513899117 $$

Note that \(9.1651513899117\) is not a whole number, therefore 84 is not a perfect square.

The next perfect square greater than 84 is 100. The previous perfect square less than 84 is 81.

Square root of 84 as an exponent

Any square root can be converted to a number with a fractional exponent. In the case of 84 the following two values are equal.

$$ \LARGE \sqrt{ 84 } = 84^{^1/_2} $$

Square root of 84 as a fraction

Since 84 is not a perfect square, sometimes we might want to get a fractional estimate of the square root value. In the case of 84 that value is \(\Large 9 \frac{18}{109}\).

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